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Greetings and Welcome to the Buckhorn Skinners!

The Buckhorn Skinners Mountain Man Club was founded in 1975 to perpetuate, emulate and further the lifestyle of the fur trade era. The primary mission of the organization is to preserve the values, skills and practices of the Fur Trade Era through sponsoring and participation of club events, community and statewide activities, education and outreach.

Our private club has about 30 active members who participate in local and state activities. We also have members who travel the country to compete in Mountain Man events and follow the trails of Lewis and Clark and the like! Club members come from all walks of life, ages, genders, and interests. The common thread that binds us is the passion that we share for the way of the Mountain Man and the Fur Trade Era.

The Fur Trade Era (prior to 1840) is characterized by primitive clothing and few possessions. The Mountain Man of yesteryear lived by his/her wits, cunning skills, knowledge and abilities to live with nature and survive off the land. Our club preserves and practices those skills through monthly re-enactments where we shoot muzzleloaders and participate in primitive activities.

Individual members have demonstrated excellence in a variety of skill areas such as shooting percussion and flintlock rifles and pistols, using the bow and arrow, throwing tomahawks and knives, setting traps, working leather into fine goods, or forging blades of steel into useful knives for hunting or daily use.

The club has five key officers that make up the executive board:

Captain:  No Name (Charlie A.)
Lieutenants:  Raven (Christian H.) & Bush Loper (Henry B.)
Treasurer:  Mountain Mule (Scott D.)
Scribe:  Smilin' Brother (Rob D.)
Web Master:  Bloody Muzzle (Ron R.)

To join the Buckhorn Skinners you must attend at least six monthly shoots, participate in events, be of good character and spirit, be sponsored by a member and tolerate lots of kidding! Our bylaws require that you make an effort to outfit yourself over the first year with primitive wear. Existing members and your sponsor are eager to help you find or craft appropriate clothing, tools and firearms. Safety is a huge priority among all members. Your sponsor and other members are quick to provide guidance on safety and proper range etiquette. Members are expected to participate in regular monthly gatherings and events and also join in on workdays and other club-sponsored activities. The spirit of camaraderie runs strong among the Skinners and we're proud of the friendships that have developed among many members.  If you think that you would like to join us, come out for breakfast and meet some Skinners. You are welcome anytime to join our monthly shoot. We always have an extra rifle handy for visitors.

Calendar of upcoming events:

November  20th Meat shoot , hosted by Standing Moose.

December 18th Captains shoot hosted by Captain Henry.

January 15th 2023 shoot hosted by Deacon.

March 11th  2023 Winter Convention

Updated 11/14/2022

Skinners and Guests  go to The News page for the latest information on monthly shoots, hunting information and other Club news.

Skinners, The November shoot will be hosted by Standing Moose  (Carl S.) & Gordon C. (soon to be named) November 20th.  We will all need to pitch in and help them out.  Bring a rifle, hawk and knife and  flint and steel.  If you do not have these items Skinners will share.  If you do not know how , you will learn, if you know how you will teach.  Bring some meat for a prize and you will take home a prize.  Meat can be game meat, store bought bacon, ham, chicken, burger, brats, turkey etc.  We will meet at El Cielos for breakfast at 8 AM if you are interested to join us. 

Skinners, Save the date for Winter Convention March 11, 2022.  The program will be held off Tower Road in East of Denver.  Easy to get to.  The change of venue hopefully will encourage some of the Metro area members to attend.  There will be a food truck for lunch and a catered meal for dinner.  Trade tables will be as before as well as classes will be set up and advertised.

​Skinners and guests the December 18th Captains shoot will be held by Henry.