Mission Statement:
It is the mission of the Buckhorn Skinners’ Mountain Man Club to preserve the values, skills and practices of the
Fur Trade Era through sponsoring and participation of club events, community and statewide activities, education and outreach.

Charter Date:
This Company was founded on February 15, 1975 to perpetuate, emulate, and further the lifestyle of the fur trade era.

Captain, Lieutenant, Scribe & Assistant Scribe, Treasurer and Webmaster.

Safety is the responsibility of all members. The Captain and/or shoot sponsor is/are considered the Safety Officer(s), and shall be expected to promote safety at the club shoots.

Officer Job Descriptions:
Captain – The captain shall conduct business on behalf of the club, chair meetings, hold elections and review the bylaws. The captain may nominate initiatives and/or goals and propose objectives to achieve them while fulfilling the mission of the club.

Lieutenant – The lieutenant shall assist the captain where needed and monitor and collect Squirrel Shoot prizes for members only. In the absence of the captain, the lieutenant shall conduct business on behalf of the club, chair meetings, hold elections and review the bylaws. The lieutenant shall advance to Captain with a majority vote by the members at the annual election of officers.

Scribe – The scribe shall keep the minutes of all business meetings and prepare the monthly newsletter.

Assistant Scribe – The assistant scribe shall provide assistance to the scribe and club, keep the minutes of all business meetings and prepare the monthly newsletter in the absence of the Scribe.

Treasurer – The treasurer shall collect dues and other fees, deposit received monies into the club bank account, pay bills on behalf of the club, keep the bank records and provide a financial status report at monthly and annual business meetings.

A full member may occupy no more than two officer positions at any one give time. There shall be no limitation on the number of times that a full member may serve providing that the individual is re-elected by the majority of the membership present with a quorum of 5.

Webmaster:  The webmaster shall put together the newsletter, send it out to the membership and put it on the website, maintain website.

The officers will be elected by a vote of all Regular Members for a term of one year. This election shall be held at the Annual Christmas Party in January of each year, by a majority of the Regular Members present. If an officer is not doing his job, he can be voted out with a majority of the membership present with a quorum of 5.

Regular - Members that are in good standing having accumulated at least 31 points during the past year, or voted in as a regular club member during the current year.
Club Points:
Club points are earned by members through attendance and participation in monthly shooting events, attending other special events in period dress, running the monthly shoot and participation in workdays. The point distribution is as follows:

  • Attendance = 2 points: Members attending the monthly event but unable to participate shall earn 2 points toward their annual total.  Associate and full members must be in primitive dress.
  • Participation = 3 points: Members participating in the monthly shoot event shall earn 3 points toward their annual total, associates and full members must be in primitive dress.
  • Run the shoot = 6 points: Member(s) leading the monthly shoot shall earn an additional 3 points toward their annual total. Members are expected to lead or co-lead at least one monthly shoot per year.
  • Special event = 4 points: Members who attend special events throughout the state or country and represent the Buckhorn Skinners with or without period dress shall earn an additional 4 points per event. Members must inform the Captain of participation in events.
  • Workday = 10 points: Members must attend at least one workday per year to assist Pat in maintaining the ranch. Participation in such workdays may earn Club members up to 10 points for each day toward their total annual membership.
  • Webmaster = 10 points annually: The designated Webmaster earns the equivalent of 10 points per year toward their annual point total.

Associate - Members that have paid dues, but are not able to attend most club activities. Associate members are expected to work at the Squirrel Shoot, and one workday per year. Seniority shall be used in the event of a waiting list. Associate members do not have voting
privileges and cannot hold office.

Probationary - New initiates with their own muzzle loading rifle, and being known by their sponsor, will serve a minimum probation period of six months. A probationary initiates may not vote. New initiates must attend six shoots in advance of becoming a member. New
initiates will be voted in by unanimous show of hands or secret ballot. Regular members are encouraged to bring up any safety violations at this time. A proposed initiates may be rejected with a unanimous vote of all Regular members. A rejected individual may not reapply
for membership for at least twelve months, and may not attend club events. A rejected initiate’s dues will be returned to them.
Jr. Member - Junior Membership shall be defined as a child under the age of 16. One parent will be present, observe, supervise and instruct said Junior member while shooting in club activities. Junior members are counted under their parent’s membership and do not pay dues,
nor are they expected to pay the monthly range fee. Junior members cannot vote or hold office. After the age of 16, those Junior members who wish to remain affiliated with the Buckhorn Skinners may do so under their parent’s membership with the following conditions. They are not required to pay yearly dues, but will be expected to pay the monthly range fee and participate in the monthly shoots. They will be required to adhere to all other rules that govern regular members including a donation for the Squirrel Shoot. Upon age eighteen, they will be required to obtain a sponsor (other than parent), serve a six-month probationary period and obtain a regular membership like any other new member. The only exception being that if the Junior Member has been active with the Club and has retained the minimum number of points to qualify for membership; the Junior with a sponsor, will be immediately eligible for regular membership. Should the Club be at the maximum number of members, the eligible junior would supersede any new potential members that are on the waiting list. It is understood that any Junior seeking membership in this fashion be known to the majority of the membership, be voted in as a new member, and be active in the Club. The membership encourages Junior Members to become Regular Members. This does not apply to Associate Members.
Honorary Member - Defined as any individual or individuals that the Membership wishes to honor because of past or present service to the Buckhorn Skinners, or because of activities in general that perpetuate, emulate and further the lifestyle of the fur trade era. Members in
this category do not have voting privileges, do not pay yearly dues, but do receive the monthly newsletter, and have regular range privileges. Honorary Membership is for the life of the individual so honored. Honorary Membership requires unanimous approval of the
entire voting membership because it is the highest esteem we can bestow, and also because of the long term monetary cost to the Club.
On Leave - Any member wishing a period of absence from club responsibilities may do so in writing.. During this time, if dues are paid, the member may vote and use the range, but will be exempt from other membership expectations. On leave status may only be used once
every five years.  On leave status due to military deployment or service will not count toward the once every five years limit
Additional - The Club membership shall be limited by the range capacity, Club resources and need for safety assurance. The Club will carry no more than 10 Associate Members. Club dues are paid when you apply for Regular membership. A new Member shall have a complete primitive outfit within twelve months of applying for membership. Members not meeting their point or workday requirements may be removed from the Club by a majority vote of the Club Officers. It will be the Captain’s responsibility to keep the “Captain’s Book” current with all of the points accumulated by the membership over the year and to determine how the points are awarded, and for which activities.

The responsibilities of the sponsor are:

  • Safety – close supervision
  • Assist in development of a primitive outfit
  • Explain club bylaws
  • Coaching in best practices of the Buckhorn Skinners

Only a Regular Member or associate member may sponsor a new Probationary Member, and only one at a time.

Meetings and Shoots:

Shoots will be held on the third Sunday of each month unless a change is voted and passed by a majority of the Members at a regular shoot.


At least one regular, associate or honorary member, will run a shoot with full charge of all activities. These members may participate in the shoot; however, they assume the role and duties of safety officers.
They will be responsible to enforce the following:

  • NO ALCHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE ALLOWED BEFORE OR DURING THE SHOOT. This pertains to all club events. Members violating this safety requirement may be removed from the Club by a majority vote of the membership.
  • No capped or primed firearms behind the firing line.
  • Smoking or vaping will be confined to designated area only.
  • Firearms, when not in use shall be put in a safe area, and not placed on the ground.
  • Loading is to be done 2 paces or at least 6 ft. behind the firing line.
  • No blowing down the muzzle.
  •  Eye and hearing protection has to be worn by all shooters on or near the firing line.
  • Muzzles shall remain up at all times except when shooting.
  • Flintlock shooters must call “Flintlock right or left” before firing.
  • Misfires (dryballs, etc.) will be worked on at the firing line with the muzzle pointed downrange at all times. If the problem turns out to be something that may require assistance from another shooter (pulling a ball, etc.), then the problem should be corrected on the end of the line so as not to interfere with other shooters.
  • Knapping a flint will be done on the line with the muzzle pointed down range.
  • Spectators will stay well behind the firing line.
  • Powder horns must be capped or closed at all times. Except when pouring into a measure.
  • A shooter must use a powder measure to load powder into the barrel.
  • When capping or priming a rifle, make sure the barrel doesn’t point down the firing line. Watch the direction of the barrel after a hang fire! They have been known to go off up to two minutes after the trigger was pulled.

Other –

  • Males and females compete in the same events.
  • Shoot fees will be determined by a majority vote of the regular members. 50% will go to the Club treasury and 50% to the shooters, as prizes at the discretion of the shoot coordinator(s).
  • If any Member attends a club shoot in a non-primitive outfit, they shall not be entitled to collect any prizes or earn points. New Members, within their first twelve months, working toward a primitive outfit, are exempt. The decision of what constitutes a primitive outfit shall rest solely with the Captain. Boots in inclement weather, eye and hearing protection, are exempt.

The Club range shall be used by Members only, other than at club events and functions. The only exception is that guests may use the range when invited and accompanied by a Club Member. Only Regular Club Members, Associates and Honorary members are allowed to bring guests to a Club shoot. The first time a guest attends a Club shoot as an invited guest, they shall not be charged, this is one time only.

Club dues shall be determined by a majority vote and will include CSMLA Membership ($20 for club dues and $30 for CSMLA dues for a total of $50.00 in 2010) plus whatever yearly dues are determined for the Buckhorn Skinners. A $25 Squirrel Shoot prize is required from all members unless exempted in other sections. Club dues are payable by January 31st of each year. The person holding the Scribe and Assistant Scribe positions do not pay dues. These dues are paid by the Club.  Family memberships $30.00 each adult to CSMLA and $15.00 each adult to the Buckhorn Skinners and each adult gets a vote.

Squirrel Shoot:
The Squirrel Shoot is our annual fund raising event. It is the financial life blood of our Club. It is expected that every Club Member will work at least one day of the shoot. Each Member will let the Captain know what day(s) they will be available, and will then be scheduled for
work. Shooting, setting up camp, and standing around visiting do not count as work. Missing two consecutive Squirrel Shoots or not  participating in work activities may result in revocation of membership by a majority vote of the executive officers.

Work Days:
Workdays are important, and must be taken seriously. Keeping access to our shooting range means helping out the landlord one or two days per year. This means working on Pat’s ranch. Any member that misses two consecutive workdays shall be warned and removed
from the Club if approved work time is not earned within the year. This applies to Associate Members as well. From time to time the Club may schedule other workdays as needed or requested from the landlord.  Members in need of work day hours can contact Pat Conner (the land owner) and schedule a work day with her or contact the Captain and he can assign work day duties.  Captain must be contacted after work is done.

Executive Board:
The Executive Board will consist of current Club Officers and past Club Captains. The Executive Board quorum shall be five Members present, or four Members if the current Captain is present. Executive board meetings shall always be scheduled in advance, and proxy votes are allowed. The Executive Board is used for emergency situations to approve Club expenditures in excess of $100. The Captain may approve expenditures under $100. The Captain will always use his best efforts to bring money issues before the entire Club membership for approval. Expenditures not needing a vote:
$50 for the Captain’s Prize
Club insurance payment
Up to $250 used for the Christmas Party
Up to $125 used to purchase Squirrel Shoot prizes
Up to $150 used to purchase prizes for the November Meat Shoot
Up to $750 used to purchase supplies for the club (Caps, Powder, Projectiles, etc.)

Mountain Man Run/Walk:
Powder poured from container into measure
Patched ball only
Throwing knife – handle thicker than blade
Hawks – call side if two sided
Footwear – safety first, primitive recommended unless weather is inclement or circumstances
justify alternative choices in footwear.
Natural fire material only
Loading from possible bag and horn/flask only

Buckhorn Skinner’s Website:
The club webmaster shall be in charge of seeing that the Club web site is maintained directly or by assignment to a responsible Club member(s). Members incurring work time through maintaining the Club website shall be credited for their annual ranch work.

Code of Ethics:
The Mountain Man code of ethics is a guideline for behavior complementary to the Mountain Man. It is important to consider your thoughts and actions and their impact on the club and community.

Honor and Respect: Showing honor and respect in all that you do is a basic law of life. Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. Always treat others with honor and respect and remember that your actions may knowingly or unknowingly impact the club. Be
upstanding citizens in your community and behave in a manner complementary to the essence of the Mountain Man. Do not denigrate the reputation of the club or the image of the Buckhorn Skinners. Avoid hurting others physically, mentally and emotionally by words and
actions. The Mountain Man honored the earth and all within it that supported life.

Once becoming a full member, should they be convicted of a felony crime, or legally precluded from handling firearms, they must notify the Captain and/or Lieutenant. By vote of the majority membership they may be asked to withdrawal their membership and leave the

It shall take a 2/3 majority of the voting Regular Members to amend these by-laws. By-law changes must be presented at a regular meeting, and approved no sooner than the next Club meeting.

Buckhorn Skinners’ Bylaws History:
Revised and Approved on 5/1/1997 – by: Douglas Rightmire, Scribe
Reprinted on 1/8/2000 – by: Dave Burman, Captain
Revised 1/15/2005 – By: Dave Gilkey, Captain
Revised 1/20/2007 – By: Rich Wicks, Captain
Revised 1/20/2008 – By: Mark Birmingham, Captain
Revised 1/18/2009 – By: Loyd Shindelbower, Captain
Revised 1/18/2014 – By: Dave Gilkey, Captain
Revised 1/17/2015 – By: Jerry McConnell, Captain

Revised 1/20/2020 -  By: Erin Olofson, Captain

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